Tony Maschinot

Toyota Boshoku America (TBA)


Apr 28

2:00:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM EDT
Virtual 2


E-Business Suite

Manufacturing & Planning

How a Large Manufacturer Saves Time and Money Using Spreadsheet Integration for BOM and Price Lists

At Toyota Boshoku, large quantities of data took a long time to enter into Oracle EBS and flow through to other key data systems; a common problem of successful, fast-growing companies. Manual data entry also resulted in errors between systems, causing inventory issues. After an evaluation of the solutions in the market, we found the right fit in using a third party MS Excel Oracle integration tool. See how we improved our Oracle BOM and Price List data management to recognize the significant time and resource savings.

Objective 1:
Understand Toyota Boshoku’s BOM Price List setup and resulting difficulties.

Objective 2:
Important things to consider in selecting a spreadsheet integration solution.

Objective 3:
Highlight how small changes in data management has a big impact on streamlining production.