Rachana Haste



Apr 24

2:00:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM EDT
Virtual 2


E-Business Suite


Oracle EBS Inventory and Purchasing Maintenance Made Easy

A leading manufacturer of Portable Ultrasound technology manages its complex Supply Base, Purchase Orders and Item transactions in Oracle EBS. With innovation at its helm, the company has to handle fast-paced changes in its blanket agreements, Suppliers, Item Attributes as well as Buyers or Planners as people rotate through roles. The organization, true to its innovation spirit, finds an accelerator technology that has improved efficiencies tremendously and made it nimble with data maintenance. Learn how thousands of Buyer codes are reassigned on items in a matter of hours efficiently.

Objective 1:
Understand the complexity of Items, PO’s and Agreements in a large healthcare equipment company

Objective 2:
Learn what tools and processes helps the organization handle complex changes effectively

Objective 3:
Learn the challenges and solutions in a specific large-volume Buyer reassignment project