David Wright



Apr 20

2:00:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM EDT
Virtual 3


ERP Cloud

ERP Financials

A Whole New Take on End User Data Management for ERP Cloud and eBusiness

Be among the first to see their just-released ERP Cloud software, and learn about the significant improvements already experienced by pre-release customers. Hear from More4Apps founders about the insights and visibility you need in order to identify, improve and optimize your data entry processes and get the best from your Oracle ERP system. We will also cover exciting new and updated E-business Suite Wizard products. Attendees will receive a white-paper on the inbuilt data loading options available for ERP Cloud, to help you understand how they work and their ideal use cases. Expect giveaways, an ERP Cloud roadmap, real-life examples. A must-see session for anyone using ERP Cloud, EBS or thinking about moving to ERP Cloud.

Objective 1:
Learn about highly regarded data ingestion tools for use with Oracle ERP Cloud, and discover the roadmap for future releases throughout 2020.

Objective 2:
Hear from Pre-release users of the new product, about their ROI, Implementation, and learnings.

Objective 3:
Understand the issues facing some ERP Cloud users and gain insight into the capabilities of ADFDI and FBDI functionality included with ERP Cloud